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Weekly Reads, 10/28/2022

by | Oct 28, 2022 | Technology, Weekly Reads | 0 comments

This week we look at generative AI where AI generates something new like an image, video, audio, text, or code. In “Ask an AI Art Generator for Any Image.  The Results are Amazing – and Terrifying”, it describes new text to image generators that let you type in a phrase and get an image.  I have tried a few (Stable Diffusion and VQGAN) and they are simply amazing.  There is a lot more coming for generative AI.

Next, we have a great piece that goes back to 2007 where the headline on Forbes’s magazine read:

“Nokia, one billion customers – can anyone catch the cell phone king?”

Barry Ritholtz’s blog, “Can Anyone Catch Nokia”, really reminds us that we just don’t know the future.

We are holding a software team summit in one week where I am challenged on how to better manage remote teams.  Communication is so important as is setting priorities and deadlines.  The article by Harvard Business Review makes good points.

It is getting cold outside with snow in Denver.  Get those skis and snowboards ready because the slopes are beginning to open!

  • Ask an AI Art Generator for Any Image.  The Results are Amazing – and Terrifying. Dall-E 2, DreamStudio and other new text-to-image generators let you type in almost any phrase and get an image.  The technology is fun but full of potential unknowns. (WSJ)
  • Can Anyone Catch Nokia? Today’s edition of “Nobody Knows Anything” is about a once-dominant mobile phone maker.  Exactly 15 years ago, Forbes’s new cover story lauded Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, Nokia’s CEO. (The Big Picture)
  • What Great Remote Managers Do Differently. “It’s like learning to drive on the wrong side of the road,” exclaimed Larry when I asked him how he experienced the shift to leading remote employees. “You have to get to the same destination as before, but you now have different signals, cues, and controls – and that does take some time getting used to!” (HBR)