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One can only stand on the sidelines and watch others write about technology while you are hands-on building digital solutions for so long.  My role as a practitioner for so many years made me a skeptic of all those pundits who write about the next big thing in technology without any real idea of what it takes to execute or succeed.  My days of working hands-on with technology are not ending, but I feel it is time to contribute on these topics and help make a positive contribution to my profession.

This blog provides a macro perspective on technologies that form the backbone of business innovation and transformation going forward.  I will share news, commentary and analysis on topics such as digital experience, artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics, cloud, customer experience, digital transformation, and blockchain.  My personal interest in digital product design and lean production will also find its way into the content as well. 

Technology is a business necessity that has important effects on business strategy, corporate culture, recruiting, or even organization structure.  With my background that blends technology practitioner and business, I expect to share lessons learned and commentaries in business that connect with technology in obvious and non-obvious ways.  Corporate culture is something that I have found particularly interesting as I have seen such a wide spectrum of attitudes and beliefs in the companies that I have worked with that translate into unique opportunities and challenges.  

In 2011-2012, I contributed to the book The Lean Mindset, published by Addison-Wesley in 2013, where I wrote about my approach to designing compelling experiences in digital products.  I am a critic of what I call lightweight, superficial consultants who provide change management, business process, or agile transformation services (or similar) because these things are often substituted for sitting down and defining a compelling vision of the future.  I believe that every product or company should have a story that explains why it needs to exist and how it will solve customer problems.

In my role as a technology consultant, I work with clients every day facing challenges in adopting technologies where I will use this blog to share research reports, tech news, and my own experiences to help inform others.  What I want to do most of all is to give readers the latest information along with my experience and analysis.  

This is a personal website, reflecting the opinions of its author.  Statements on this blog do not represent the views or policies of anyone other than me.  The information is provided for discussion purposes only and not intended to provide business advice.