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Weekly Reads, 8/4/2022

by | Aug 4, 2022 | Weekly Reads | 0 comments

An article from protocol on “Why AI and machine learning are drifting away from the cloud” caught my eye this week.  We always advise companies to use on-prem equipment for training AI models because it can be incredibly expensive to do it in the cloud.  It can easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to train AI models in the cloud.   That is the reason why SphereOI invested so much into on-prem AI/ML training environments like this one called Q*bert (pictured below). 

The idea that companies that embrace digital transformation are more profitable than those that do not, is not surprising.  This information comes out of an ongoing study at the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy.

The last report from engadget is troubling.  The US network that matches organ donors with those who need them is just not up to the task.  In this case, it translates into more deaths – which is just not acceptable.  I would love the opportunity for the SphereOI software team to get that system working for the people who need it. Anyone?  

  • Why AI and machine learning are drifting away from the cloud.  Cloud computing isn’t going anywhere, but some companies are shifting their machine learning data and models to their own machines they manage in-house.  Adopters are spending less money and getting better performance. (protocol)
  • Digital Mature Firms are 26% more Profitable Than Their Peers.  Here are some findings from our ongoing study of digital transformation in large traditional companies.  New digital technologies such as social media, mobile, and analytics are getting a lot of attention in the management press.  But, most of the stories we heard seemed to focus on a few sexy companies, most of whom are in the technology and media businesses.  Companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, etc.  (IDE)
  • Report:  The US organ transplant network is failing desperate patients.  A government report details aging software, programming mistakes, and more.  (engadget)

SphereOI Q*bert on-prem AI/ML training environment