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Friday Weekly Reads, 7/15/2022

by | Jul 15, 2022 | Weekly Reads | 0 comments

The weekend is almost here!  My weekly look at the Ethereum upgrade to the Merge (including the impact to Ethereum mining) and where AI still falls short – that includes autonomous vehicles and other time critical safety functions.  The Fast Company article discusses a metric for AI reliability – F1 score, then calculates F1 scores for different AI applications.   

Finally, do we really believe the blockchain market will grow to 162 billion U.S. dollars by 2027 as Statista Research Department shows?  I find this unlikely.  While blockchain technology is important for cryptocurrency, for most enterprise use cases there are more efficient ways to solve the problem than blockchain.

  • Ethereum Mining Pools Will Survive the Merge – What About the Miners.  As Ethereum prepares to move from proof-of-work mining to proof of stake, thousands of ETH miners may be left stranded. (Decrypt)
  • I’m CEO of a robotics company, and I believe AI has failed on many promises.  Here’s what comes next.  AI Autonomous vehicles require over 99.9999% reliability in safety-critical functions, and today’s AI is not yet adequate for that.  (Fast Company)
  • What Are the Four Kinds of Blockchains?  There are four main kinds of the technology used in the crypto, NFT and Web3 sectors. (CoinDesk)