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Weekly Reads, 06/01/2022

by | Jun 1, 2022 | Weekly Reads | 0 comments

I had lunch with a senior IT executive of a Fortune 500 company who I had the privilege of working with on past software development projects.  He said the #1 challenge he faced was speed.  That is a tall order for any large company that has established processes and culture.  In the CIO article on “Streamlining IT for agility”, Chiranjoy Das, brings up many good points that in my experience is exactly where you should start when faced with pressure to get more from IT.  I also agree 100% with his point that an agile mentality and culture are much more important than agile development methodology.

Happy June!  Kick it off right with a few more in the reading list:

  • Streamlining IT for agility.  IT leaders share their experiences and advice for overhauling IT for speed, including cutting down on projects, shifting to product-based delivery, and spurring a cultural transformation. (CIO)
  • What CEOS Need to Know About Deep Tech.  For most companies, the question of whether advanced technologies will disrupt their business is a matter of when, not if.  A corollary question for incumbents is whether they will be drivers or casualties of the changes these technologies will enable. (BCG)
  • AI Spotify publisher was down Monday night.  The Culprit?  A lapsed security certificate.  On Monday night, some Spotify users went to download their favorite podcasts and were met with an error.  By Tuesday morning, the issue was resolved.  What was the source of the massive disruption impacting some of the platform’s biggest producers?  (NPR)
  • Why Shopify is doubling down on crypto-even after the crash.  The e-commerce giant is still planning for a future that involves crypto. (Fast Company)