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Weekly Reads, 06/15/2022

by | Jun 15, 2022 | Weekly Reads | 0 comments

Federated learning is a technique where machine learning algorithms are trained using data that never leaves the end-users’ device or server where it lives. Given that I had several customers specifically request federated learning in the last few weeks, I can see that it is gaining significant traction.  Be sure to check out the article on the future of federated learning as this is already an important topic in machine learning and expected to gain even more momentum.

How refreshing it is to see someone who is an actual software engineer who clearly builds stuff, articulate the problems with software engineering estimates.  We need more doers to write about these topics rather than thinkers.  I highly recommend this piece on software estimates as Jeremy Duvall gets it. All of the software engineers out there building products appreciate Jeremy taking the time to write this.

And finally, just for fun, look at my piece on drones that were used in China to display a giant QR code in the sky.

Rather than focusing on the stock market this week (it is not pretty), ponder some of these other topics instead:

  • Global Federated Learning Market Report 2022.  Growing Need to Increase Learning Between Devices and Organizations – Forecast to 2028. (Yahoo)
  • Software engineering estimates are garbage.  When estimates are based on the myth of metronomic coding machines tackling deterministic work, they’re a complete waste of time. (InfoWorld)
  • Cockroach Labs’ 2022 Cloud Report Shows Dead Heat Among AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.  In its fourth year, the report finds Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure (Azure), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) can offer top tier performance for OLTP applications. (Yahoo)
  • Axon ethics board members resign over taser-equipped drone.  Axon wanted to place drones in schools and public places to prevent mass shootings.  Resigning AI ethics board members saw that move as weaponizing drones and possibly leading to “AI-powered persistent surveillance.” (ZDNet)
  • Drones Light Up Shanghai’s Sky With a QR Code (That You Can Scan).  Hundreds of drones took over Shanghai’s night sky on Saturday with a light show that ended with a giant QR code, a symbol of China’s booming digital economy and consumerism. (VICE)