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Weekly Reads

by | May 16, 2022 | Weekly Reads | 0 comments

This week we have a theme in our readings were we discuss ethics, bias, and fairness in AI systems and why it is so important. Biased algorithm systems – whether they are AI or not, can cause harm. So this topic is not something that is innately unique to AI systems at all. However, the fact that businesses today face potential negative ramifications of inadequate governance that ranges from failing to meet regulatory requirements, poisoning of corporate reputation, lawsuits, or financial penalties (some extensive), the game is changing. On the topic of retaining top technologists (including AI engineers), the article in InfoWorld is spot on and definitely mentions a few things that we do at SphereOI.

  • 6 business risks of shortchanging AI ethics and governance.  Factors inherent to artificial intelligence and its implementation can have dire ramifications for your company if ethics and governance aren’t baked into your AI strategy. (CIO)
  • The rise of servant leadership.  The Great Resignation has ushered out command-and-control style leadership in favor of empathy and empowerment.  These tech leaders put those principles into practice. (CIO)
  • Faster Than the Speed of Light: Overcoming the Physical Limitations of Today’s Telecommunications.  With a grant from Independent Research Fund Denmark, a team of researchers and experts from industry and Aarhus University will try to solve the fundamental problem that the speed of light is not fast enough for the Internet of Skills. (SciTechDaily)
  •  AI Hiring Tools Can Violate Disability Protections, Government Warns.  Justice Department, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission say companies whose use of AI tools leads to discrimination could face legal trouble. (WSJ)
  • Top technologists have job options: 5 tips for retention.  IT leaders suggest getting to know each employee personally and customizing opportunities for flexibility, growth, and wellness. (InfoWorld)